The Fine Line between Freedom of Speech or Hate Speech?

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Legal challenges -- freedom of speech or hate speech?
It didn't take much digging to find that the shirt, which is offensive to me (and I am Catholic), was inspired by Dove International -- who's "head" is none other than Qur'an burning Terry Jones. In my own opinion, Terry Jones is as much a domestic terrorist as Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Comparing both leaders and their "churches" -- both are small (less than 100 members), and both are in the south, and in my opinion both profess hate speech. However, the SCOTUS has ruled that the WBC has a right to express their beliefs, and the Southern Poverty Law Center never designated the WBC as a hate group.

At issue, however, is whether the children in a Florida public school had the right to wear t-shirts that were distracting to a positive learning environment, and whether the school district had a right to ban the children from wearing them.

Schools are not public forums where the freedom of speech would be as protected as they would if they were in a park or other grounds. Schools have the right to set a precedent that is condusive to learning for all who are within their walls.

In Tinker/Des Moines, the SCOTUS ruled that students DID have the right to wear armbands as a sign of protest against the Viet Nam conflict because their wearing of the armbands did not inhibit the positive educational environment of the other students.


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