The Fire Of Free Thinking

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By adding to old ideas and infusing our own thinking we have created a new young American culture. Everyone generation does, so while we are not unique in the creation, ours is somewhat different than our recent counterparts. It is fairly difficult to describe, but with our situation and thought process has led to a rise in individualistic thinking. The fire of free thinking has been intensely fanned by social media that has driven its movement to become much larger than it may have been otherwise. These ideas have mixed with most of the classic American beliefs to give us the environment that we have now. Our individualism is spearheaded by our new bravery and willingness to be different. Years ago much of the emphasis was placed on fitting in the social structure comfortably and being similar to your peers. In our time it isn’t looked down on to be different and in many ways it is almost encouraged. It is now thought that you don’t want to be the same as the people around you in all ways and this rational has helped to create more independent young people. This is a positive thing in many ways, most notably being the growth in free thinking. We are now comfortable developing our own thoughts and perception. We don’t as easily accept others thoughts without thinking them through first by ourselves. This creates more young people who will end up being critical and deep thinkers in the future and these are the people that have a real opportunity to change the world. We must

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