The Fire Of The Mind : Depression & Manic ( Bipolar )

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Fires of the Mind: Depression & Manic (Bipolar) was a rather interesting documentary that shed some light on the pain and suffering experienced by individuals affected by these conditions. Major depression causes a person to have distorted self image and experience unrelenting grief for no apparent reason. They may be indecisive and having reoccurring thoughts of death. Manic depression causes individuals to experience periods of extreme highs and lows. They may have manic periods, experiencing a state of euphoria, feel invincible, and lose their sense of judgement. Alternatively, they may then fall into a severe depression and barely be able to get out of bed. There are cases where a person will be irritable, paranoid, or hear voices, this is called psychotic mania. In the documentary, we meet an accomplished artist named Nicki. She had a troubled childhood and at first was thought to just be coping with the divorce of her parents. Her sister realized that Nicki was dealing with a more serious issue. She was valedictorian of her graduating class. She then went on to model in Paris, this is when her illness starting having a significant impact on her life. She wasn’t sleeping, wasn’t eating, and seemed unusually hyperactive. Her sister described it as “she never shuts off”. She became hyper sexualized and had many romantic relationships. Then one day she felt so sick and depressed she couldn’t get out of bed. Then she slipped into an episode of psychotic mania. She was
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