The Fire Of Yellowstone National Parks

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Every year in the U.S there are incidents that occurred dealing with fires in the forest. This is when wild land firefighting comes in to action. Advancements in firefighting have improved in the past such as improvement in technology in fighting fires, equipment being used, and different preventions to take in action to help incidents from becoming destructive and uncontrollable, and lastly knowing history because we remember and learn from the experiences of the past. Wild land firefighting is a rapidly spreading fire that acts very quickly and intensely. Captain Moses Harris assumes the command of Yellowstone national parks first wild land fire fighters on August 20, 1886. The cavalry remained for thirty-two years in Yellowstone National Park. The soldiers began fighting the fires throughout Yellowstone national park and were also the first wild land fire fighters to get paid (1). In1910 the “Big Blowup” fire in northeastern Washington, northern Idaho, and western Montana destroyed three million acres of timber and killed over eighty firefighters. In 1911 Congress passed the Weeks Act, which among alternative things, provided help for state forestry organizations that participated in cooperative fire protection work with the federal government. In 1935, Ferdinand Silcox, the Forest Service Chief, introduced the “10AM Policy,” that became afresh universal U.S. Forest Service goal to manage a fire by 10AM the morning following its recognizing. While the amount of forest
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