Essay about The Firing of Bobby Knight

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The Firing of Bobby Knight

Bobby Knight, longtime Indiana men’s head basketball coach, was recently fired. This firing sparked a controversy among basketball fans throughout the nation; did he deserve to be fired? I believe that Bobby Knight deserved to be fired. Although coach Knight is one of the best coaches in the nation and has earned the respect of countless numbers of fans including myself, I do not believe that a coach should be able to act the way he acted and get away with it. Coach Knight’s record for abusing players, abusing the media, and being a jerk should speak for itself and there is no doubt in my mind that Bobby Knights firing can be justified. Bobby Knight’s college basketball career goes back over 40 years.
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Knight went on to lead the Hoosiers to a remarkable twenty 20-win seasons, including three 30-win seasons. Knight’s teams appeared in 24 NCAA tournaments and won three of them. Knight’s 1975-76 squad remains the only team in men’s college basketball history to venture through the regular season and the NCAA tournament, finishing the season with an overall record of 32-0. Knight, the leading coach in Big Ten history as far as wins are concerned, has 763 career victories behind him which leaves him 116 wins short of former North Carolina coach Dean Smith’s college record 879 wins as head coach. He has guided two U.S. National Teams to international gold, once in the Pan-Am games in 1979 and once in the Olympics in 1980. Coach Knight has obviously earned the respect of many fans and other coaches, but the fact of the matter is that Knight had several problems on and off the court that were overlooked for so long that some people think that he deserved to keep his job. Knight’s downfall in my mind was his uncontrollable temper and the fact that he could never admit that he was wrong about anything. Most serious competitors in sports are expected to have an aggressive attitude towards winning, but coach Knight’s aggression goes beyond wanting to win. Before 1979 there were really no reasons for anyone to be concerned about coach Knight’s temper. Sure, he had always yelled frantically at the referees and screamed at his players during games,

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