The First Act Of Terror

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For many years now, the United States has been fighting a war on terrorism. The first act of terror, that was committed on the soil of the United States in my lifetime, was that of September eleventh. It took nineteen hijackers, to bring America down to its knees by striking both world trade centers, the pentagon, and flight ninety-three which was responsible for the killing of almost three thousand people. These attacks created a huge burden on our first responders and hospitals. The knowledge gained from disaster response and recovery classes and or courses would have been one of the greatest assets to fire and police departments, ambulance services, and hospital staff. These attacks, that morning, were unexpected and required first…show more content…
Medical, trauma, and emergency knowledge was needed in assessing victims of the attacks, in deciding who needed or did not need medical care and in which order was most beneficial to the time and for the greatest use of supplies available. The days, weeks, months, and years required to recover from these incidents not just in the hot zone, but medically and mentally have set forth implementation of how we focus our efforts before, during, and after hazards strike. The affects of September eleventh, have taught us as first responders and government officials valuable information on disaster response and recovery efforts.
In the morning of September eleventh, two-thousand and one American citizens and visitors, public safety officials, hospital staff, and every other person in the world woke up from their beds expecting a normal day as that of September tenth. People were driving to and from work, getting their kids off to school, grabbing their coffee, and resuming their activities of daily living. At eight forty-six in the morning American Airlines flight eleven struck the North tower of the World trade center, which would collapse at ten twenty-eight. Three minutes past nine, flight one seventy-five would crash into the south tower, and fall one minute before ten am. Flight seventy-seven strikes part of the pentagon, which causes damage and death. Finally at three minutes past ten in the
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