The First Amendment Of The United States Constitution

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The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states that we have the freedom to practice any religion we choose. Having said this, why do so many people look down on or bash religions that are different from their own? It may not seem like this problem is affecting every person directly but if it is affecting other people within the country, it is affecting everyone. There are stereotypes about all different religions and there is a misunderstanding between accepting and approving, which causes religious discrimination in many parts of people’s lives. One of the religions that is facing a lot discrimination is the Muslim religion. Many people openly display negative feelings towards this religion and do not treat the people of this religion with respect. This issue being presented in a play could really make an impact on the audience members and be the catalyst that starts a movement to help end this major problem in society.
Stereotypes are a leading cause in the discrimination and prejudice against people with different religions. People assume what other religions believe, and they do not take the time to actually understand the other religion they are putting down. In the article Muslims Face More Bias In United States Compared To Other Religions it talks about how Americans are more likely to have prejudice against Muslims than they are about other religions. However, nearly two-thirds of American do not know anything about Islam. It mentions that because of
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