The First Amendment : The Second Amendment

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The Second Amendment

Ever since the beginning of American Revolution in April 1775, Americans have sought to create a nation with no ties to the British monarch and create and more, perfect union. They decided to create a democratic, republic government consisting of voted officials voted by the people, governed by a system of checks and balances with limited powers and the purpose of providing protection and services to its citizens. However, The Founding Fathers believed that should the government decide to eliminate civil rights, the citizens of the U.S. must be able to defend their rights. The First Congress created the Second Amendment, the right for an individual to keep and bear arms and the right for a state or local government to create and maintain a militia. However, the Second amendment is the most controversial amendment in the Bill of Rights as many people believed that the amendment only allows for state militia and not the ownership of firearms. Firearms have both directly and indirectly affected the American culture with both positive and negative effects. Some organizations have both protected our right to bear arms while others have protested congress to abolish the second amendment.
The Second Amendment has shaped the American culture and has always a topic of discussion between the Federal government and the people. There are more 270 million civilian firearms in America, enough for a third of Americans to own a firearm, with more than 5.5 million
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