The First Amendment Violates Our Freedom Of Speech

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America is known to be a land where we as American citizens can be anything we want to be. As humans, we all face adversities that mold the way we carry out decisions and have an impact on the way we make decisions and view situations. American citizens have the right to vote for our leaders, and it is vital to exercise this freedom. The First Amendment constitutes our freedom of speech, but if not properly exercise our right to vote, how can we justify protesting the outcome of policies.
The president serves as an advocate for many political policies. We as American citizens blame the president when things do not go the way we visualized, but we fail to recognize that the president is only but a minor part of the process. The Constitution defines the relations between the national and state government. Additionally, the Electoral College plays a significant role deciding whom the next president may be. The assigned articles portray the similarities and differences between the childhoods of former President George W. Bush and current President Barack Obama. Liberalism and conservatism are American Ideological values demonstrated between both candidates. Although I agree with many things stated in the articles, it is clear the reports are biased. The author of the article concerning President Bush portrays a small amount of positive feedback; whereas, the article describing President Obama offers little negative feedback. President Barack Obama 's parents met in an
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