The First American Female Serial Killer

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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Human Development Scale- Max Neef 3
Protection 4
Affection 5
Subsistence 6
Identity 6
Ego Defence Mechanism- Sigmund Freud 7
Narcissistic Defence Mechanisms 7
Immature Defence Mechanisms 8
Neurotic Defence Mechanisms 9
Mature Defence Mechanisms 9
Conclusion 11

The person I am going to analyse in this assignment is Aileen ‘Lee’ Carol Wuornos who was considered to be the first American female serial killer (Anon., 2015). Wuornos was born on February 29th 1956 in Rochester Michigan (Anon., 2015). Her father, Leo Dale Pittman was an alleged child molester and her mother Diane Wuornos was a teen mother who was not capable of taking up the responsibilities that came about with being a mother (Anon., 2015). Wuornos’ mother abandoned both her and her brother when they were young leaving them in the care of their grandparents (Anon., 2015). Her grandmother was an alcoholic whereas her grandfather abused her both physically and sexually (Anon., 2015). At the young age of eleven, Aileen Wuornos began trading sexual favours for money, beer and even cigarettes (Anon., 2015). This also allowed her to be able to be part of cliques and have a sense of belonging. On March 1971, when she was fourteen she gave birth to her only child whom she gave up for adoption (Anon., 2015). At that same time, her grandmother died of liver failure which led to her grandfather kicking her out of the house (Anon., 2015). She was made wards of the court before she ran

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