The First American Self Portrait Photo

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Selfie, a new vocabulary which was created in 21 century, and has become one of the most popular words all over the social media in recent years. If you search the word “#selfie” on Instagram, you could find more than 200 million posts that related to selfie. In fact, selfie has appeared long time ago, according to the report “the first American self-portrait photo produced in 1839 was of Robert Cornelius using a daguerreotype, who took a photo of himself outside of his family’s store in Philadelphia, PA” (Rashi). Furthermore, the first self-portrait photo that was tagged with #selfie appeared in 2004. The image was posted on Flicker which is a photo-sharing website (Rashi). The term selfie also mentioned by Jim Krause who is a photographer in 2005. In Jim Krause’s book, he defined selfies as, “one of those images that is taken by aiming the camera at yourself”. In 2010, the releasing of iPhone 4 has driven the popularity of the selfie. Because the iPhone 4 is the first iPhone that came equipped with a front facing HD camera, it makes taking selfies quicker and easier. Moreover, in 2013, the Oxford dictionaries announced that the word “selfie” becomes their word of the year due to its sudden popularity. They defined this term as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a Smartphone or webcam and shared via social media” (Rashi). From the definition of selfie that provides by Oxford dictionary, we can easily see that the term selfie is not only a
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