The First Anti Jew Laws

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Annelisse Frank, also and more commonly referred to as Anne, is widely known for her victimization in the holocaust. She was born in 1929 and three years later, Adolf Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. The definition of chancellor states that a chancellor is a senior state or level official (, 2016). Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, Germany experienced a great amount of economic despair and as a result, Hitler used his power to full advantage (Why Did The Holocaust Happen, 2016). The first anti-Jew laws were established during this time. The first phase of legislation focused mostly on limiting the participation of Jewish people in Germany. (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2016) By June 12, 1942, Anne Frank had been alive for thirteen years; as a gift, she received a diary. Her thirteenth birthday present was used to record her thoughts and emotions built up over the two years that she and the others stayed hidden away in the secret annex after her sister, Margot Frank, was called to a German concentration camp. This, an excerpt from Anne Frank 's diary, displays the horror that was felt: “I was stunned. A call-up, everyone knows what that means. Visions of concentration camps and lonely cells raced through my head.” A normal teenage girl shouldn’t have to endure these types of things. It was courageous of Anne to even write in the diary. She is truthful about the horror of this historical event. She could have left out the gruesome details but if
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