The First Appearance Of Batman Essay

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1938 saw the first appearance of Batman. More of a mystery comic than a superhero comic book, Batman was inherently different from the pure and clean Superman. He was a gritty and depressing character that has been able to remain in print even to this day. Rather than using superpowers, Batman uses detective abilities that allowed him to solve cases and find perpetrators. (“The History of Comic Books.” But not even Batman, Superman, or even Captain Marvel could brace themselves for the arrival of the Marvel comics. Originally under the name of Timely Comics, Marvel was founded by Martin Goodman, who was contacted by several superhero veterans from Funnies Inc. The Funnies group told him that they would present to him a prepared, finished comic book every month, for a service fee. So in 1939, Marvel released their very first comic Issue #1. The story was about the Original Human Torch; who was an android superhero, the detective Angel, and Namor the Submariner. In 1940 there was a rise in popularity for patriotic themed superheroes caused by the creation of the hero the Shield. As a result, in 1941, Jack Kirby and Joe Simon created the second most iconic superhero in Marvel comics, Captain America. (“Marvel comics database.”) Captain America, whose original name was Super American, was a consciously political character that was used to attack enemies of the United States, and had become Timely Comics most

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