The First Atomic Bomb Of The United States

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On December 7, 1941, Japanese forces attacked an American naval base, Pearl Harbor, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Twenty naval vessels and 200 airplanes were destroyed during the attack. 2000 soldiers were killed and 1000 were injured. The following day, December 8, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt asked the United States congress to declare war on Japan. Three days later, after the United States turned its attention to Germany and Italy, the two countries declared war on the United States, which the President and Congress freely agreed to. After two years of continuous fighting in the second World War, America had finally joined (“Pearl Harbor”).

Two years before America even joined World War II, Albert Einstein, a German physicist, warned the United States of Germany’s threat to create the first atomic bomb. Since the United States was not in the war at the time, they did not consider the reality of the threat and did nothing to stop it. However, on March 7, 1940, Einstein sent yet another warning to the United States, urging them to consider development of this dangerous weapon. After agreeing to start manufacturing the bomb, it then became a race to create it (“The First Atomic Bomb”).

The initiative for creating the bomb came from Dr. Leo Szilard. Szilard was born in Germany and became a refugee in America to escape Hitler’s authoritarian government, fascism. He gained support and help for the development of the atomic weapon from Albert Einstein. Together, they,…
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