The First Building Block Of Successful Leadership

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The first building block of successful leadership is self-awareness. Self-awareness in terms of our capacity to lead others; our strengths and weaknesses in all areas. More importantly, becoming aware of our shortcomings can inspire us to work on these areas in order to not only benefit ourselves, but those around us. As a leader, the improvements we make in our lives have a direct effect on our followers and their success as well. Without being aware of and understanding our own limitations, it will be difficult for us to become better leaders and inspire others to fall in our footsteps. Through various leadership surveys I have become aware of some of my own strengths and weaknesses, and a strategic improvement plan will enable me to…show more content…
Under these categories, my self-rating was only consistent with friendly. I scored myself a 4 under trustworthy, dependable, and outgoing. I know there is always room for improvement in these areas, and I believe that my spiritual growth will only strengthen these personality traits. In my opinion, if a leader is not seen as trustworthy then none of his or her other traits really matter. When a team trusts you as their leader, it makes it easier for them to buy into your vision or goals. It also improves the flow of communication; therefore, increasing productivity. In my previous job I was promoted to supervisor fairly quickly. Initially, I struggled to gain the trust of my subordinates. Truthfully, some of them may have felt that I was not ready for the job and, as a result, I struggled to keep them on task. With time and visible results, I was able to gain their trust and effectively manage my shift. The major leadership traits mentioned in chapter two were: intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability. It is believed that strong verbal skills, perceptual ability, and reasoning make one a better leader. Under the areas of articulate, perceptive, and self-confident I scored myself a 3; however, my averages for these categories were 4.4 (articulate), 4.4 (perceptive), and 4.2 (self-confident). Although there is room for improvement in all categories, these are the
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