The First Building Block Of Successful Leadership

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The first building block of successful leadership is self-awareness. Self-awareness in terms of our capacity to lead others; our strengths and weaknesses in all areas. More importantly, becoming aware of our shortcomings can inspire us to work on these areas in order to not only benefit ourselves, but those around us. As a leader, the improvements we make in our lives have a direct effect on our followers and their success as well. Without being aware of and understanding our own limitations, it will be difficult for us to become better leaders and inspire others to fall in our footsteps. Through various leadership surveys I have become aware of some of my own strengths and weaknesses, and a strategic improvement plan will enable me to step into the leadership role God has planned for my life. The leadership trait questionnaire (LTQ) measures personal characteristics of leadership by collecting data from the leaders and their subordinates or peers. It gives the leader a better insight into their various strengths and weaknesses. In order to obtain my personal results, I gave a survey to five people whom I felt would give me the most honest answers. Although, I only obtained results from two people whom I directly worked with, I feel that these numbers are accurate and coincide with my personal assessment. The other three people that took the survey for me were friends and family members, I chose them because I feel that they know me better than anyone. I received an

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