The First Challenge For Australian Foreign Policy

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The first challenge for Australian foreign policy is to maximize the economic and security opportunities by maintaining their relationship with Indonesia and ASEAN. In the case with Indonesia, Indonesia is one of Australia’s closest friends as the two countries share strong security and economic system. In terms of politics, Indonesia is essential to Australia because Indonesia plays a key role in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations so a steady relationship with Indonesia is required for a cohesive and productive relationship with ASEAN. Moreover, Indonesia is the most important country in Southeast Asia with one of the most powerful military forces in the region. Therefore, Indonesia already controls and wants to improve its effect over ASEAN. According to researches, Indonesian motives for improving its role as regional peacekeeper have been revealed in recent perspectives by the general of the Indonesia’s military, who stated, Indonesian motives of playing a ‘big brother’ role with the respect to security in ASEAN and in the region (Tiernan, 2007). Meanwhile, Australia has recognized the significance of ASEAN in assuring Australia’s foreign regional and domestic security. There are certain institutions such as the East Asia Summit and ASEAN Regional Forum (Harvey, 2015). In recent years, Australia has worked robustly with the EAS to ensure its security and interests are protected. In return, the EAS has not only supported in regional security but it also has
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