The First Child And The Last Child Essay

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The First Child and the Last Child Nowadays, the birth order is considered as the one factor that affects someone’s personality. Even though the birth order is important, but there are still many factors that also affect someone’s personality and habits such as the environment condition, gender, and education. However, the birth order still has a big impact for a person. The birth order affects someone’s personality and habits in some ways. There are 4 types of children in this world which are the only child, the first child, the middle child and the last child. However, the most differences usually come from the first and the last child. In fact, the first and the last child differ in terms of their weaknesses and strengths, the story of their love lives based…show more content…
First, the first and the last child tend to have several differences between their weaknesses and strengths. In fact, the first child tends to be more independent, reliable and diligent.[1] Based on the experience, the encouragement from their parents which makes them can do everything by themselves. An independent child learns about many things even though it is before the time they grow up fully as an adult. One package complete comes from the first child is that if they are independent, they also tend to be a reliable person. One example, my friend is a first child with two siblings. At home, he tends to be the one who takes care of his brother and sister. Whenever his siblings ask for his help, he should accept it because that is one thing his parents ask him to do. However, the first child also becomes the role model for their siblings. That is the reason why they usually are known as a reliable person. On the other hand, the first child also has weaknesses which are perfectionist and easily over think. They tend to pay attention to the details rather than the general things which make them as a perfectionist and super easy to over think. Once they have a group assignment, they will always
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