The First Christian Books

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The First Christian Books The New Testament was first written down and circulated in the form of letters between the various regions that the early Christians had spread to. Paul was instrumental in the first establishment of letter carrying between Jesus' disciples and others. It is said that the Church thanks to Paul's escaped slave, Onesimus, preserved Paul's collection of letters. (, 2012) It was very common during the Roman Empire to have slaves, and they were often treated as near equals in terms of intellect and importance to the household. The early church was slow to write the New Testament, largely because Jesus had not written down any of his own teachings. Therefore oral accounts had to be collected from all around the world, and recounted in as accurate of a format as possible. The first books were written in Hebrew and Aramaic, although as Christianity spread, Greek played a larger part. Finally, the texts were translated into Latin, about the same time that Christianity was spreading to Rome. The Bible was first organized from Jewish canon, namely in the Torah. This is where thirty different contributors to the Bible are from, with the other ten contributors in the New Testament. The Torah is far older than the New Testament, and is recognized as being God's will, as opposed to the New Testament which is a collection of opinions on the life of Jesus. Some branches of Christianity believe that the teachings of the New Testament are God's will
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