The First Couple Years Of My Life

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The first couple years of my life was a very critical learning era in my life. I was faced eye to eye with adversity. Growing up, my family had just enough money to make it day to day. We were living in a townhouse with 3 bedrooms with 12 family members. This townhouse was also connected to a convenient store that was owned and operated by my family. My brother and I didn’t always get everything we asked for but our gracious parents never gave up on hopes of giving us a better childhood then they had. Having 2 parents that were both immigrants from India, they weren’t always offered many opportunities to provide a better life for themselves and their children due to lack of education and language barriers. Although this was a barrier, they never gave on any opportunities they were offered. The environment around this town house wasn’t the best, it was located in Pleasant Grove, South Dallas which is now considered as “the projects” of Dallas. I grew up watching my family members get guns and knives drawn on them in the convenient store doing what was required to sustain a healthy lifestyle for their families, this gave me a better sense of how valuable life is and how short it could be. When I turned 4, my parents got in a huge fight with my grandpa and we were kicked out of the house. This was both a confusing and traumatic period in our lives, we didn’t have anywhere to stay nor money to buy a home. Thanks to my dad’s lifetime friends, also immigrants from India, we were
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