The First Creation Myth Is The Hindu Version Of Creation

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The first creation myth is the Hindu version of creation, and it is about the sacrifice of the Man (Purusha), the man with a thousand heads, eyes, and feet. The Man himself is all this, whatever has been and whatever is to be and he is the creator and the one creation comes from. He is sacrificed by the gods and his body makes up the earth. The Man’s mouth was the brahmin, his arms were made into the nobles, his two thighs were the populace, and from his feet the servants were born. The moon was born from his mind; the sun was born from his eye. After, his mouth came Indra (4) and Agni, and from his vital breath the wind (Vyu) was born. Then his navel the atmosphere was born; from his head the heaven emerged. From his two feet came the earth, and the expanses of the sky from his ear.
The second creation story is the story from the Bible, which is Christians version of creation. On the first day God (the creator) created light, the second day God created waters, the atmospheric water and the oceanic water. On the third day God created dry land and vegetation, and on the forth day he created the sun and the moon and the stars and planets. On the fifth day God created water creatures and birds, and on the sixth day he created land animals and man. God creates all this out of nothing and it takes him six days. He creates all this for the man to rule over and to multiply and for men to in turn praise him.
The third creation myth is from the Huainanzi and it tells of the great…

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