The First Crusade During The Crusades

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he subject of the crusades is still a very controversial topic that spans across various time periods and has religious, social, and political implications. The first crusade started off as a widespread pilgrimage that ended as a military expedition resulting in the recapture of Jerusalem in 1099. The crusades initiated from a call from help from Alexius for the protection of Constantinople and the recovery of Anatolia. For centuries textbooks have repeated with routine regularity, that the immediate cause, of the Crusades was the Turkish conquest of the Near East, which apparently was a very real threat to Christendom, that had to be countered by military action. With this in mind, the primary purpose of this essay is to identify the various reasons that contributed to the start of the first crusade, while disproving the fact that the first Crusade was a response to a military threat. In discovering the true cause of the first crusades it is necessary to examine it from all aspects from the start to the finish.
It all started with Alexius Comnenus the Byzantine emperor, sending letters and an embassy to the West requesting military aid to combat the Turkish threat in Asia Minor. Alexius had inherited a weakened empire in 1081 Byzantium was under siege from all sides, primarily by the Seljuk Turks. Alexius tried everything including making peaceful negotiations with the Turks that involved giving up pieces of land in exchange for peace. However, despite his attempts the
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