The First Crusades During The Crusades

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Jeet Kothari
Mr. Turner
Honors British Literature A
29 January 2016
The First Crusades The First Crusades were military planned missions planned by Christian leaders; the proclaimed purpose was to recover Jerusalem as well as Antioch, which were in an area known as the Holy Land, from the controls of Turks. The reason why they feature so prominently in history is because they were one of the longest battles in history. All three of the Crusades lasted about 200 years. Additionally, the Crusades were a major reason for why Europe came out of the Dark Ages. After 200 years of darkness, Europe had a rebirth.
The Crusades were not an early example of European colonization even if they did create some kingdoms there for a while. (“The Crusades”). It has been argued that the knights who went adventuring in the Crusades were the second and third sons of nobles who, because of European inheritance rules, had little to look forward by staying in Europe. However, most of the people who responded to the call to Crusade weren’t knights at all; they were poor people. Secondly, most of nobles who did go crusading were lords of grand estates. (“Crusades”.) This analysis of people of the Crusades ignores religious motivations. History has approached religions as occurrences. For instance, the unpredictable environments of Mesopotamia and Egypt led to a belief in various types of Gods- which would help solve each of their problems. However, just as the world shape religion, religious
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