The First Crusades

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First Crusade There once was a time where religion ruled the world, where the people of that religion would go to any lengths to protect it, and even give up their lives to their beloved god. This tale is a great representative of the determination and wholeheartedness of the followers of a certain belief. This is about the Crusaders, on their quest to take back the Holy land, for their god, called the First Crusades. A group of Turkish Muslims would go to any lengths to keep the Christian pilgrims from visiting their Holy Land. This worried Alexis I, a Christian king, because the Turks had already captured parts of his empire and were only 30 miles away from capturing his capitol. He knew he needed help so he turned to Pope Gregory and asked him to find people to aid in the fight against Muslims, but he didn't agree, and died, passing his position on to the next pope named Pope Urban II, who was very excited about going to war and ended up giving a speech. At the end of the speech, the pilgrims cheered,”God wills it!” he gained many troops. This…show more content…
The Muslims didn't take a liking to that and attacked the town while the army was still in Orchha, burning the town, poisoning the food and water supplies. Everything was going the Muslims way until they decided to launch a full scale attack, and if there's one good thing about the Crusaders it’s that, they are extremely good at close quarter combat and slaughter the men. They continued their march, taking Antioch in a nine month siege, and stopping in Agra, causing the commanders and the generals of the army to disagree about whether or not to take Arga. The king burned the people who didn't want to take it and took it anyway. They gained more troops by their new allies, The Kingdom of France, The Holy Roman Empire, The Duchy of Allpa, and even the Kingdom of
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