The First Dawning of Self-Discipline Comes Through Work. Discuss This Statement

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ESSAY 5: “THE FIRST DAWNING OF SELF-DISCIPLINE COMES THROUGH WORK”. DISCUSS THIS STATEMENT. Montessori believed that inner discipline, or self-discipline, is an active skill which is developed over time within each child, and is not something that pre-exists. She held it to be a natural part of the normal progression and growth of the child, but nevertheless, something that must be nurtured in the right way in order for it to develop fully. In her view, every child is born with the innate ability and desire to develop himself and his self-discipline, in a constructive manner, through work and under gentle guidance which nevertheless allows the child freedom to interact in his environment. Through her observations, Montessori noted…show more content…
As the child continues to act deliberately in his environment, his will and self-discipline grow stronger, as he adapts and restricts himself to his chosen task, and “by repeating an action they have chosen, they develop an awareness of their actions”(Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, p.231). At this stage, in line with the general lack of order and structure in his mind, the self-discipline is not consistent, and one often finds that a task that held a child’s attention to completion and perfection on one occasion, may not be able to be completed the next. In the second stage of development of the will, the child’s powers of concentration have increased, and this has allowed him to gain further independence and power over himself. The child can now make conscious decisions about what to do, based on experience and not just impulse. Through this free activity, the child’s spirit is awakened, and his will is able to be cultivated through this conscious development and sensorial activity. The child actively chooses his tasks and uses his creative abilities in a practical and reality-based fashion leading to an independence of thought and action. This teaches him to accept responsibility for his task, and to have an active self-discipline. As Montessori writes, “the discipline we are looking for is an active one. We do not

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