The First Day Of High School Essay

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Not so long ago in a not so far away place. A teenager stands in front of a steely gray building on a dull fall day. It's the first day of high school,more specifically the last first day of high school for many students before they enter the world of adulthood. James Dean was your average public school senior, as normal as they get really. James had enough clothes he had the newest I phone a beater car what more could he really need other than better grades. Bottom line James family was normal he had a little sister and a mother and father who loved their children. James on the other hand yearned for adventure he longed for the excitement. In his dreams he would sail the seven seas. Life had never seemed so mundane James heart was somewhere else these days he knew adventure was only for the bold and he did not feel bold at all he felt like a lam in the lion's den. Sighing James put his favorite fire truck red beat headphones on and walking into the lion's lair. In the swarm of nervous wrecks, loud mouths , prima donas , nerds , people masked with sunglasses and the scrubs. James put his head down and went to find his first class it was music studies. Mr Alan was making a ruckus in the back room full of sheet music and vinyls. The smell of the old dingy room enter his nose filling it with the sense of peace.
“ Ah James, how was your summer any adventures this year?” Mr Alan winked as he spoke. The old koot always had a twinkle in his eye and spoke with a hint of
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