The First Day Of Lecture The True Power Of Film Essay

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“The British are coming; the British are coming!” From a very young age, when studying history, we received our information from the points of views of the various authors we read. Yet, we never were able to put ourselves in the same shoes as Paul Revere as he rode late at night to warn Americans of the impending danger. Film gives us that opportunity. It gives filmmakers the ability to artistically depict the information in history in whatever manner they see fit. It gives us as viewers, the opportunity to turn words into action and see that which authors try desperately to describe in history books, allowing us to empathize with the emotions of a production. The film industry is an avenue in which the nature of attraction is the manner in which it captivates and audience.
We learned the first day of lecture the true power of film, be it advertisement, television, or movies. The time at which was created, as well as the time it describes play a major role in our understanding of why producers choose to make the film. In this paper, I will put forth a multitude of productions we viewed throughout the semester and describe how creators use them to make a viewer see information. We will see that often times, bias skews objectivity in order to make a film plot conform to its purpose, thus influencing onlookers to feel emotion about historical content, and eventually inform them about the setting relative to the period of time in which it was made. With all of this

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