The First Day Of School Day

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Imagine a five year old preparing for her first day of school. Both parents and the future scholar are beyond excited as they pack a healthy lunch to head out the door. Mother and child review a checklist of needed supplies. Crayons? Check. Pencils? Check. Backpack ready, they head out the door.
Besides the jittery nerves of a new experience, the day goes perfectly. The child shares the same experience as the other students, with one minor exception: stopping by the nurse’s office for a “snack” after recess. Since it’s the first day of school, none of the children know what to expect in a school day, so everything is fine.

But day after day, they start to wonder why the child has to have a separate snack everyday, and why the nurse keeps
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“If it was legalized and if the medical community of Texas find that the medicinal benefits outweigh other potential concerns, I think that would do a lot to decry the stigma of cannabis use,” said Patsy Thomas, President of Mental Health Connection of Tarrant County. “Perhaps, then, it would become another acceptable tool health professionals could implement into treatment plans.”

Data from the 2015 (CCHAPS) Community-wide Children’s Health Assessment and Planning Survey indicates that access to healthcare is an issue for many local children and their families. Since access is an impediment to healthcare, experts say communities need to be more willing to embrace safe medical options that date back thousands of years such as cannabis oil, rather than allow it to be locally criminalized and stigmatized.

Mental Health Connection, a coalition of agencies that work to improve the delivery of mental health services in Tarrant County, suggests citizens take the following steps to help bring about change: Stay informed on legislation, medical studies and breakthroughs Work with local advocacy groups and talk to local and state legislature Consult with your healthcare team If possible, participate in clinical trials and studies Be proactive by generating awareness of medicinal cannabis success stories

Cannabis Legalization Stigma - Pg 2
Cannabis Legalization Stigma - Pg 2“People don’t understand that ongoing, chronic illness effects the whole family and
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