The First Day Of School

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The first day of school has the major influence on the way an individual will eventually turn out in the future. Many actions have occurred in my life long ago, some fail to recall, and some I still clearly remember. I was going into my first school in America. I had moved from Kenya, a long distance from the USA in order to link with my family, who had been here for almost 4 years, expecting America would help my future. My father told me It would be better if I go to school here, so I registered in the local high school in my city. I was frightened how I would do in school as I have never been to school in the US before. First, I met new people with different cultures, second it was a whole new experience for me in which success depended on me, and third it was the first day that I went to school in the US. Finally, I won’t forget it very easily because lots of things were accomplished in my first day at school. On the first day, I went to my following period after I had missed my first period because I came to school late and also I was looking for my first period class. I was already confused because in Kenya the teachers shift according to periods although most of the students have the same periods. In Kenya you stay in one classroom and the teacher will come to you in the class, they do not have special classrooms. With nervousness on one hand and fear on the other, I reached for the door handle of my second class, opening it bit by bit. As I enter it the classroom

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