The First Day Of School

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It 's the first day of school. Finally here, after the long, hot, steamy days of summer. Its finally time to settle down and focus on my studies. When I woke up early I jumped out of the bed. I opened the blinds and sprinted my way to the bathroom. Normally I would not be so ecstatic for school, but it 's something about this year that really makes me ready. As I went in the bathroom, I noticed it was still dark outside. It was 6:00 in the morning. I should have not gotten up that early. But I dismissed that thought in my head and carried on. As I put my contacts in and did some light make up, I heard my mom through the thin painted walls. “Courtney! Why did you wake up early!” she yelled as she most likely shuffled out of the bed. I heard …show more content…
As she left I closed the door behind her quickly and quietly. I began to get dressed, while simultaneously watching the news. I slipped on my bright light coral tank top, and my light grey jeweled shorts. After that I made my bed. My cover was a dark shade of pink with sophisticated flowers on it. As I looked at the time it was 6:50, and I still had to do my hair! I rushed to my brightly wall colored bathroom and started brushing my hair. I noticed that was hair was frizzy and out of shape. I started to panic, so I busted out the flat iron and started straightening my hair again. I glanced at the clock and noticed 6:57, I thought to myself how can 7 minutes pass already! I started going faster and faster. Nothing was happening, my hair was still frizzy and choppy. I looked at the flat iron in furious eyes and saw the temperature was set to 400 degrees. Then I started to worry. As I heard the alarm come on, I hurried downstairs. “MOM, help me with my hair! It 's all frizzy and choppy and… nasty!” My mom started laughing and went upstairs with me. She took the flat iron and started straightening my hair. It finally was getting better. I unlocked my phone and saw the time 7:11. “Okay mom, we have to hurry! I still have to put some of my supplies in my bag.” I said in a panic. “Sweetie you have time, just chill” my mom said in a calming voice. As she finished up my hair I ran downstairs. I viciously started stuffing things into my bag. I made

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