The First Day Of School

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On the first day of school I was in a class full of students. Oh, I hated my first day of classes very much because I could not handle the thought of having to introduce myself to everyone especially with the problem I had. I sat there nervously as I observed the others confidently and happily introducing them self to the audience. I just had the urge to slip under my chair and just hide there until I could escape my turn. Unfortunately, I could not avoid my turn and ended up introducing myself. "HiiiimynameeisJaskiran." As my face filled with embarrassment and humiliation, I thought of all the possible thoughts that approached the minds of the other students in response to me attempting to introduce myself. All too common I could imagine students saying, "Did she happen to forget her name?", "Can she talk a little slower?", or "What is wrong with her?". Times like this, made me wonder about my lack of speech skills in front of a group of people. Why do I either speak so fast-- where what I say sounds like one word-- or when I speak I am not able to clearly pronounce the syllables of a word? As I began to research, I realized this difficulty, complicated style of speaking is called stuttering. Why do people stutter? A mystery that has yet to be unraveled.
The hardest part happens to be when a person is trying to describe what stuttering is like to a fluent speaker--impossible and tough. Many people view stuttering as unimportant and do not consider stuttering to be a

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