The First Day Of School Tomorrow

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On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, Joe was sitting at home. He was anticipating his first day of school tomorrow. He is 12 years old and in the 7th grade. He was somewhat excited for school, but also nervous because he is going to a new school with no friends. He wants to try making new friends. He currently lives with his big sister and grandma. Her sister’s name was Jess. They lived in a house in Chicago, Illinois. He will be attending Cherrygrove Middle School. This school was racist towards Indians. They didn’t want any Indian kids going to this school because they were worried it would start a controversy. They have had past encounters of problems that included the Indians. His sister takes him to school. After a 15 minute drive, they reach the school. Then Joe’s sister leaves. Joe is surrounded by many new faces and he is becoming timid of these people. As he comes up the stairs leading inside to the main entrance, many kids are staring at him. As soon as he gets in the hallway, all the students stare at him again. The hallway is quiet and Joe just keeps walking to his locker. He puts the items he does not need in his lockers and takes his backpack. He goes to his first class. Everyone is seated in the class and the teacher’s name is Mrs. Louis. She is teaching the math class this year. She looks through the roster to see twenty-five students and then she looks at her class. Just when Mrs. Louis is going to turn in the attendance, she hears a…

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