The First Day Of September 1939

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On the first day of September 1939, the whole globe was about to witness the deadliest war ever recorded in history. This devastating war lasted for six years. The Allies’ victories in World War II came from the sacrifices made by the US Marines in order to win many battles. However, in order to make these sacrifices for the prosperity of the Allied forces and their struggle against Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party and his own allies, Japan, Italy, and the USSR, one must go through intense preparation and learn what it means to be a US Marine. In order to become a Marine, one requires a certain number of weeks of training. Over the course of the war, these numbers fluctuated, as low as four weeks and as high as eight weeks, but in the end the required amount was finalized as seven weeks. During these weeks the newly recruited boots marched for miles under the drill instructors’ vigorous and watchful eyes on a regular basis. They also learned over a thousand subjects, including hand to hand combat, interacting with weaponry and other equipments, gallantry, and many others. Using the rifle was one of the most important and special subjects. Over the course of time, all the boots learned to grow a close relationship with their guns. As an unknown individual once said, “…We did not know how comforting it would be among enemies, or that we would feel alone and naked without it....” Then there was Record Day, which was a whole day dedicated to shooting targets. All the
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