The First Day Of The United States

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The first day in the United States is one of the best day and most thrilling days in my life. My father and my older sister move to Malaysia to get a job and support our family due to financial difficulty and lack of job opportunity in Burma. After a few years, my father and my sister were able to enter as immigrant and they were sent to the United States as immigrants through United Nation. After being apart with my father and my sister for more than a decade, my parents decide to move completely to America where more opportunities are available for a brighter future. My family faces many obstacles during the process of migrating to America. Despite all the struggle that are on our way, my family finally arrives in the United States and face major changes in life. First of all, I want to say Thank You to both of my parents for putting up with all the struggles and guide the family until the end of the hardly journey to reunite. In 2008, my mother, brother, two younger sisters, including myself, was finally able book plane tickets to reach to our destination. According to the source from Distancefromto; typically, the flight takes at least 1 day from Burma to America, but with the stops and delay the flight takes longer than usual. Throughout the flight, my family is really interested into experience new thing and couldn’t hold their excitement to arrive to their new home while I’m having a rough flight sick and not able to eat anything. After spending two days in the
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