The First Digital Generation and The Confucian Culture in Korea

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However, the role of the first digital generation is very important in terms of a bridge generation. According to Lee, the first generation is the bridge generation in Korea that understands but only Confucianism, but also the digital culture.
To begin with, the young people, the first digital generation, should try to separate themselves from the negative influences and experiences the older people give them in terms of Confucianism. Even though they not only prefer the digital environment to the Confucian one, but also criticize the Confucian culture, they often criticize the second digital generation just as the older generation does because they have been influenced by the negative Confucian effects, such as paternalism, and authoritarianism. As mentioned earlier, they unwillingly follow the Confucian order because they usually work under the leadership of the older people. In other words, they have a hatred for the older people, who force them to follow the hierarchical order.
Unfortunately, instead of breaking out of the vicious circle of the negative Confucian effects, they tend to treat the second digital generation the way the older people treat them. As a result, I think that in order for the young people, the first digital generation, to bridge between the gap between the older generation and the younger…
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