The First English Lutheran Church Of Glendale

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The First English Evangelical Lutheran Church of Glendale (First English) purchased twenty-one acres of land in the Angeles National Forest. The land was purchased in 1957 and was located along a natural canal used for drainage. First English conducted a retreat center on approximately twelve of the acres that were flat in character. The retreat center was for handicapped children and consisted of a multitude of buildings, including bunkhouses, outdoor chapel, and a dining hall. In July 1977 a forest fire destroyed about three thousand eight hundred sixty (3,860) acres of land upstream from the Lutherglen retreat center. The destroyed land created a serious flood threat to the area if there was ever a significant amount of precipitation. Approximately 11 inches of rain fell in early February of 1978. Los Angeles County responded to the flooding by adopting an interim ordinance in January 1979. The interim ordinance restricted landowners from building or rebuilding anywhere located within the temporary flood protection zone. The temporary ordinance included the area of land on which the Lutherglen retreat center was located. The ordinance prohibited the First English from cleaning and reconstructing the center on the land they owned. First English files suit against the Los Angeles County and the Los Angeles County Flood Control District soon after the ordinance was adopted. The grievance was filed with the Superior Court of California and had two claims alleged.
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