The First Era Of Globalization During The Period Ca

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Globalization is defined as the interaction between people, and governments from different nations, driven by trade and aided by technology. (Globalization, 2014) In this paper, I will demonstrate how the first era of globalization began during the period ca.1450-1650. The use of ocean going vessels in 1450, utilizing magnetic compasses marked the beginning of globalization. Europeans had a geographic advantage that enabled them to accumulate wealth from both the slave trade and natural resources. Their use of ocean going ships equipped with magnetic compasses enabled them to travel further, faster. Voyages to discover and conquer new lands provided opportunities to open the door to trading resources with other nations. Resources such as metal, spices and cloth were in demand worldwide. Discovery of such resources and knowledge of their value drove nations to construct trade routes. One example is the mining of gold and silver from1500-1600, which were key resources that contributed to the wealth of the Europeans. However, due to the increased volume of gold being mined, it lost value resulting in inflation. (Brown, 2012, p. 198) Africa no longer had a market for their gold, which meant that the only marketable asset they had for trade, were their people. The need for slaves to provide manual labor was global. African princes and chiefs sold slaves to other nations as a means to buy guns, cloth, iron and other items unavailable to them. Transatlantic slave trade, which
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