The First Era Of Industrialization

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In the 1760s, the United States began its first major period of rapid industrialization. Everyday there was a new factory built, a new machine created, a new industry expanded. The effect of industrialization was so massive that even songs were written about this period. One song depicted a man who could “hatch eggs by thousands; all by steam”.[1] With more factories and more efficient means of production, more commodities became available to the public for consumption. The first era of the industrial revolution drastically changed the way America functions as a consumer society. The second period of industrialization altered how America functions as a capitalistic society. After the Civil War, the next era of industrialization began in America. Businesses expanded and flourished, defining this period as one of management and self-profit. Wealth-hungry robber barons dominated the market during this time with their ingenuitive business tactics and management organization. It is during this period in which America sees its first millionaires rise to power. With the industrial revolution came new approaches in business organization and management, which lead to the rapid rise of large corporations and the abiding change in how the United States functions as a capitalistic society.[2] John D. Rockefeller, perhaps the most well known robber baron, was able to monopolize the oil industry with his company, Standard Oil. His success is due largely in part to horizontal…
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