The First Feminist Movement Of Today 's Modern Society

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“Bitch (feminist magazine) manages to give full-time and part-time employees – all of whom are women – healthcare, maternity leave, and the “Bitch minimum wage” of $15 an hour, “If Bitch can do it, why can’t you?” –Falks. Women in today 's modern society are facing inequality at their jobs. Precisely like unequal pay, sexual harassment, and terrible maternity leaves. They work the same job and get paid incredibly less than their male co-workers. Although it may take years, women deserve to have full equal rights as men. The first feminist movement was primarily focused on equal voting rights, whereas the second movement was focused on equality in the workplace. However, the movement fought for women’s equality at both a political and personal level. The thirty-eight percent of American women who worked in the 1960s were exceedingly limited to jobs as nurses, teachers, and secretaries. Women in general weren’t welcome in professional programs. Working women were usually paid less than men and got deprived of opportunities to advance in their career fields, as employees assumed they would soon become pregnant and quit their jobs, unlike men, they thought they did not have families to support. Moreover, after World War II, the big boom of the American economy outgrew the available workforce, making of necessary for women to fill in new job openings; as a matter of fact, in the 1960s, two-thirds of jobs went to women. The nation simply just had to accept the idea of women in

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