The First Few Years Of Young Children’S Lives Are Very

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The first few years of young children’s lives are very critical to their overall development because new learning is happening every day, either during time spent with a teacher or parent. When children are four years old, they are with a teacher full time or part time. That teacher is a professional individual who plays an active role in children’s early childhood development and has a genuine desire to help them learn, grow and succeed in their education. These are just a few roles that early childhood educators play in the field of early childhood education, working with young children in their early childhood years of life. The requirements for becoming a teacher vary from state to state. In New York State, teachers must…show more content…
That answer got me thinking. All of her answers gave me advice about how to be a great kindergarten teacher down the line. Standard one, promoting child development and learning, means that a teacher of young children must have an understanding of the characteristics and needs of young children as well as an understanding the many influences on young children (relationships with their families, their health, their learning styles, their opportunity to play) and use this understanding of children’s development and learning to create learning environments that are healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging for all children. Standard two, building family and community relationships means that a teacher must understand the importance and complex characteristics of children’s families and communities. Teachers can then create respectful, reciprocal relationships that support families, and involve families in their children’s development and learning. Standard three is knowing how to observe, document, and assess in order to support young children and families. Teachers must understand the goals, benefits, and uses of assessment. They must also know how to use systematic observations, documentation, and other assessment strategies in a responsible way, for the purpose of positively influencing children’s development. Standard four is knowing
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