The First Five Years Of Life As A Time Of Learning

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The way humans learn and interact with their environment is one of the most important determining factors of one’s potential to succeed. Recently, parents have emphasized the importance of early years as a time of development for children, with the “Teach Your Baby to Read” kit and other programs which have argued over the importance of the first five years of life as a time of learning. But what makes these years so important? According to Alexandra Diamond and Victoria Whitington, two researchers for the University of South Australia, the first five years of our lives are incredibly important because during this time children’s brains are in the most important stage developmentally (Diamond, Alexandra, and Victoria Whitington). They also…show more content…
The ways in which a child interacts with his or her environment will create synapses that reflect how the child has learned from his or her environment. However, not all synapses are permanent. If not used, they will eventually disappear while those synapses that are used will strengthen. This great number of synapses are not created at any other period of one’s life, which makes the first three years some of the most important for development (Schiller 1). According to David Edie and Deborah Schmid, Early Education and Policy analysts for the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, which is a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose goal is to ensure that children in Wisconsin will grow up in just and nurturing families, by age five, children have acquired 85 percent of their personality, skills, and intellect by age five (Edie and Schmid 1). They also argue that early experiences directly how the brain is “wired,” and do not just simply create a base for brain development. The synapses that are created as a result of the experiences a child has can affect him or her for the rest of his or her life. Because of this, early learning should be stressed during this important period of development. Experiences and environments for children from birth to five years, such as quality the home and social environment,

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