The First Form Of Education

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What was the first form of education in China? I have traced the first form of education in China back to the Shang Dynasty (16-1405 BCE). Education was necessary to achieve desired positions in the civil service (the administrative system of the government who ran the daily affairs in China) which were the key to wealth. By establishing an educational system for the young of the elite, the positions in the civil service became a cycle of the designated offspring being the most educated and the educated being the most elite people in China. Most schools were divided into political entities to gain social influence. The main focuses in the education of young Chinaman were the teachings of Confucian. The curriculum was based on the philosophy of Confucianism. Confucianism is a form of Humanism (a devotion of the humanities) with the main focus on educating people in the beliefs, values and practices that govern life within the family and between family and state. The teachings of Confucianism were taught from four books and the five classics. The four books are Chinese classic texts that illustrated the core value and belief systems of Confucianism. The five classics were key text of Confucianism; these were sacred books of traditional Chinese beliefs. Book one of the four books was the Analects of Confucius (the saying of ideas recognized only by the Chinese), Book two was Mencius, Mencius was a fourth-century BCE (before the common/current/Christian era) Chinese philosopher…
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