The First Generation Of Digital Era

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As a tool, that provides multi task and as a fount of a million of information that goes trough several kinds of medias, the Internet became so popular. According to a research promoted by United State Census Bureau in 2012 posted in a web site, 78% of all households have Internet in home compared to a lower percentage in the year of 1997 wherein the Internet reached only 18% of households. In 2009, the smartphone comes to revolutionize the society in good and bad ways but also in questionable and doubtful aspects. These data statistics might gives a view that the easier access to Internet probably is linked to the increase of people addicted to the Internet that also has reaching children and teens. The childrenhood is the must important period for the development of personality and character of human been. From that it is time to start thinking how the Internet’s meddling on young ages has inducing to changes on adulthood as behavior, social life and work life.
The first generation of Digital Era that are today in their 20s age are likely to be exposure to the multi tasking possibilities that the Internet brought. Practicality to pay bill and shopping online, easy source of Information, easy way to keep in touch with people that is far and so on, are some of the tempting possibilities opened by the internet. However this virtual world, wherein the information are all the time jumping out to us, as television does, can be a dangerous arm for the metal health. According to
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