The First Governor Of The Great State Of Texas, Jane

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Allow me to introduce to you the next Governor of the great state of Texas, Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller. Bitzi is a proud native Texan born in Odessa, Texas and is the granddaughter of former Governor of Texas Joe “Big Daddy” Johnson. She grew up on her family 's cattle ranch near Pecos, Texas. There she learned the value of a hard days work, that family comes first, a man is only as good as his word, and a firm handshake still goes a long way. After graduating from Pecos High School as Valedictorian Bitzi attended Texas Tech University were she graduated with honors earning her Masters of Business Administration majoring in general business and minoring in finance. After serving in executive roles for several oil
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Bitzi is fundamentally a conservative Republican and fiercely defensive of our state 's sovereignty, it 's traditions and the people of Texas ' way of life. When it comes to that she lives by the motto, “Don 't Mess With Texas!”

Cultural and Regional Support Bitzi will enjoy support throughout the vast majority of the state. Specifically the Panhandle, North Central, the Hill Country, East and, in particular, her home region of West Texas much like Rick Perry did back in 2010. (Stiles, 2010) All areas are Republican heavy albeit with a few outposts of Democratic heavy counties scattered about. Also like Perry her weakness will be the areas along the border, major metropolitan centers of San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and traditionally Travis County. (Stiles, 2010) Studies have been done that show Texas falls somewhere in the middle of traditionalistic and individualistic political cultures. Historically, as Texas was a slave holding state and a member of the Confederacy, it 's political culture was planted firmly in traditionalism. However, Texas with it 's strong pro-business orientation getting larger every year tends to blend individualism with it 's original culture of traditionalism. (Newell, Prindle, Riddlesperger, 2012) She will do well with individualists in large part to her history of entrepreneurship, experience as a business woman, and her stand on not raising existing or creating new taxes.. She will appeal to the
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