The First Half Of The 19th Century

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e first half of the 19th century was a time of growth and change in America. The population was increasing at a steady rate. This was mainly because of immigration. In 1790 the population was 4 million by 1840 it was 17 million. Economic growth was also proceeding at a very fast pace, as the beginning of the Industrial Revolution began to take place. The 19th century was also the start of the Women’s Rights Movement. Individualism started to become a main focus for a group that was very important and prominent in this area, they were called the transcendentalists.

The transcendentalists were a group of writers and thinkers who were active in the 1830’s. This group is based out of New England. They began to meet and discuss new developments in philosophy, theology, and literature. The gatherings were informal and different members came and went. The transcendentalists today include Ralph Emerson, Henry Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, William Channing, Bronson Alcott, Elizabeth Peabody, and George Ripley. These people embraced a system of ideas that provided the basis for a critique of all aspects of American life. The transcendentalists were concerned about the spreading of materialism that was a stamp of their era. They believed that the focus on the gradual gathering of wealth in America was damaging people’s ability to experience the deeper intellectual and spiritual aspects of their own lives. They also believed that the true basis of both understanding the world as it…
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