The First Half Of The Twentieth Century

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Sidi Mahdi Mardakli

The first half of the twentieth century has been the most dreadful, and the most unstable of all time for the humanity. Wars, conflicts, and genocides plagued many parts of the world during that time especially in Europe which became the main battlefield for two major wars. It is certainly the worst period of human kind’s history. Millions lost their lives in what became the deadliest period of humanity. Beyond its dreadful aspect, this period showed how radical nationalism combined with deep imperial rivalries and “frantic scrambles for land and resources” came close to wipe out a whole generation and may be the whole world. Some attitudes and practices made the ground to all these situations. But overall it seems like the world has learned the lessons of this period even though almost the same situations have taken place in recent past years.

When talking about global stability in the first half of the twentieth century, it easily comes to our mind the two deadliest wars so far of the human kind’s history: World War I (WWI) or Great War, and World War II (WWII). Yes there have been many conflicts deadly as well, but not the same scale compared with WWI and WWII. The Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman Empire although overshadowed by the events of the Great War reminds us the brutality, cruelty, and the ruthless behaviors that shaped the whole period. Eager to access resources and lands, states or government policies were involved in a profound rivalry…
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