The First Indian Wars In The United States

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2. According to the Census Bureau in 1894 there were over 40 declared Indian Wars, which killed approximately 20,000 whites and about 36,000 Indians however it did note that the number of Indians killed was likely higher than the count. The first Indian War documented began on March 22, 1622 and was known as the “Jamestown Massacre” in which the Powhatan Indians kill 347 Colonists throughout the Virginia colony during the first Powhatan War. It was the first war between Europeans and Native Americans in the American West. With over a 268 year span of time, the end of the Indian Wars was on December 29, 1890 and known as the “Wounded Knee Massacre”. Sitting Bull's half-brother, Big Foot, and over 200 Sioux were killed by the U.S. 7th Cavalry.…show more content…
Considered monumental wars in the United States and Mexico over land and expansion, the Native Americans were to also trying to fight off both sides at the same time so they could keep their Indigenous land. A secondary problem that caused controversy is no one side really knew who fired the first shot setting off a frenzy of battles. Throughout the beginning of time, man has fought and died for the land they wanted to acquire or maintain as their own. A difficulty with the Indian Wars was that there were no set boundaries for the Native Americans, because as far as they were concerned the land they were defending already belonged to

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