The First Journey to a New Beginning

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The First Journey to a New Beginning. “Here you are Sir, have a nice flight,” said the smartly dressed woman with a foreign accent similar to that of women in Hollywood movies. She even looked similar to them in her neatly ironed skirt and matching blouse. Her hair pulled back in a bun and her heels elevated her good few inches from the ground. Everything about her looked attractive apart from her smile, which she forced on her face as she greeted each passenger. As she handed back my passport, ticket and boarding pass after checking them against something on the screen in front of her, I looked around the waiting lounge. It was the last time I would see it for a very long time. I turned round and for a minute just took one last glance of the place I was leaving behind. My eyes moved from one corner of the airport lounge to the other. From the people scattered around the lounge, to the children running about, to the empty chair behind the information desk before finally resting my gaze on the tiny teashop in the corner where I had just sat and drank water to calm my nerves. This was going to be my last memory in Vietnam. I clenched my passport tight and started walking towards the gate, and towards the American Dream depicted in the poster of Texas I had just seen in the lounge. Though, there was an eerie excitement about going to America for a better future but it was mixed with the grief of leaving my home, my family and friends. There was also the anxiety of being
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