The First Law Passed By The Massachusetts Bay Colony

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1. PAST LEGISLATION In the mid 1600’s, the first law passed by the Massachusetts Bay Colony mandated that children start learning the fundamental of education; learn basic reading and writing by reading the bible and the town’s laws. It was believed that for the success and evolution of the world and specifically their colony, children needed to be educated and knowledgeable. Furthermore, to strengthen the educational foundation that was forming and with some resistance from parents, a law was passed in 1647 commissioning the towns create and maintain public schools. Moving forward, Smith-Hughes Act of 1917 commissioned federal revenue to create and support of secondary and postsecondary vocational training. Emphasis were placed on instruction in agriculture, home economics, and trades and industry. This act along with the demand for change and other outlets for education, open the doors for trades that prepared people for jobs. Legislation during this time contended that this was the best step moving forward to focus on skills to ensure people were workplace ready. Several years later in 1958, the National Defense Education Act contributed additional federal dollars to the schools to raise awareness and to heighten the fundamental importance and priority to focus on STEM. STEM provides instructions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. During this time, emphasis was also placed on strengthening the foreign languages and provided financial resources and support
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