The First Lecture, By James Caesar

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For many Americans today, a feeling of dismay and despair is present whenever a conservation turns towards the political races happening this year. To the average American, this election has become a mockery of the electoral system. Philosophy is being replaced with stupidity and knee-jerk reactions, and it seems as though the political parties’ cater to the lowest denomination of intelligence. When one hears Democrats versus Republicans, demagoguery and division are usually among the first things that come to mind. This Center for Constructive Alternatives series explained the history behind the two parties, how situations like today came into fruition, and clearly alluded to an idea that the parties of old are crumbling. The first lecture, eloquently given by James Caesar, a professor of history at the University of Virginia. His lecture dealt primarily with the early history of the Democratic and the Republican parties and their importance to American politics. Dr. Caesar wisely noted that the American political party system had become a facet of American Government. When one hears, “American Government”, they will think about the Congress, Supreme Court, and the Presidency; but also, one will think about the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Dr. Caesar argued that even though the Founders did not intend for the party system to occur, the two major parties play one of the most important roles in the modern American government. After explaining the…
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