The First Major Investigation Of Elder Abuse Incidence Study

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The first major investigation of elder abuse in the U.S. was in 1996. This study was called "The National Elder Abuse Incidence Study." This study found 449,924 people over the age of sixty had been abused. There were five different forms of neglect that had been explored, emotional, physical, sexual, potential neglect, and financial abuse. These numbers are not accurate, because a lot of these incidents are not reported. Data showed that approximately 1,000,000 adults living the U.S had been abused. Studies conducted in Canada and Great Britain also showed a large percentage of physical and verbal abuse amongst the elderly. In 1996, 3005 individuals between the ages of 57-83 were surveyed, asking about different types of abuse that happened over the years. There was 9% prevalence of verbal abuse, .2% physical abuse, and 3.5% financial abuse. Females and those who were frail were the ones who experienced more verbal abuse. African Americans were more likely to experience financial abuse. In 2010 another study was designed to build and expand researcher from the 1996, National Elder abuse incidence study. This study was designed to understand the mistreatment among elders living in the U.S. This study was designed to assess the different types of abuse over one year prevalence. National samples of elders living in a community, age sixty and older were surveyed. Each individual was surveyed by a stratified-random-digit-dialing in the area. Those that had the most recent
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